CBD Infused Dog Biscuits

CBD Infused Dog Biscuits

Lip Smackingly Lekker!

Delicious CBD infused dog biscuits to help ease pain, anxiety, hyperactivity and much more.

Our CBD Dog Biscuits

CBD dog biscuits and treats have been proven to help your furbabies with arthritis, behavioural problems, cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases, intervertebral disc disease, seizures, skin disorders, chronic pain management and anxiety!

Give your pups a lip smackingly lekker treat!

Customer Reviews

I have been using Tanya’s dog biscuits for 4 years now for my very hyperactive Labrador who even at the age of 5 was tearing out my garden. We couldn’t even go out into the yard as she would continuously jump without stopping. I’ve grown up with having 9 dogs as pets at a time as we lived on the plots and have had many labs and never experienced such a hyperactive dog. Walks didn’t help and she has a very large yard. After using Tanya’s biscuits twice a day I noticed an immediate improvement. Just a few months later she was a pleasure to be around and stopped chewing the garden

I started using Tanya’s cookies for my 2 old dogs, one labador, 13 years old, diagnosed wit no cartilage in between her joints and the other is a 9 new old Airedale terrier who has arthritis from the neck down. The labrador was given 6 months to live this year and the vet said she would not make the winter, she is still alive. The option for both was to take pain medication and do regular kidney tests to see if their kidney’s could handle the medication. My friend Stasi who using Tanya’s cookies for her dogs, told me about the cookies,I spoke t o my vet and said said I was going the alternative route. I started giving the dogs a half a cookie in the morning and half at night and then increases Travis the Airedales to one at night as he was not sleeping, running around and barking and howling in pain. I can now touch my aridales legs and body without him crying, Bella and Labrador is also finding it easier to walk up and down the stairs. I will continue to use the CBD cookies until we see it is time to send the dog’s to heaven, it would just be hard with one going without the other as they are partners. Tanya’s cookies have been truly amazing and I have have now referred the cookies too many friends who are finding the same results. My one friend’s dog could not travel well and they gave him one for the car and he slept peacefully on their journey and she is too now a customer of Tanya’s. Thank you Tanya for making our Doggies life’s pain free!!
Dearest Tanya This is a thank you note to reVITALISE for the healing biscuits. JC, an American Bully, had been suffering with his back leg joints, so much so that there were days he couldn't walk and was dragging his legs. After many different medical treatments, injections, scans and to no avail, we found these miracle biscuits and after a few weeks JC was back to his normal self. This was a year ago, we are still in recovery and never looked back... Thank you, thank you from JC and family.
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