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All of our products are made with natural ingredients that are organically grown. Our products do not contain any preservatives, chemicals, colourants or emulsifiers. Most importantly, all or our treats are prepared with the utmost love and care!

Our Journey with Cannabis...

Until fairly recently we were, like most people, hugely sceptical about the use of what we termed “dagga”.

What!  It’s a dangerous drug!  Only losers and Rastafarians play around with this stuff.  It leads to addiction and ruins lives ………


And then; I was in a state of high anxiety and unbearable tension and I felt my life was spinning out of control.  I had been to see various doctors without being helped; I wasn’t sleeping well, and could only barely manage the day to day demands of just living. In addition, I suffered from arthritic pain.


And then:  My brother, who lives in another city, came to visit, and slipped me a few cannabis ‘cookies’.  Full of trepidation, but also trusting his judgement, I took a cookie before bed that night.  MIRACLE!  I slept for a full 6 hours and woke up feeling refreshed and hopeful.  Wow and wow again.


The problem was to get access to well grown cannabis with no pesticides and prepared properly with drying and curing those precious buds.


And so: obviously, the only way would be for me to grow my own.  Some help and advice came from a cousin, currently living in Canada, and an expert in organic farming. 


My mother, then 83 years of age, was suddenly struck down with mind boggling leg pain and total seizure of some of her leg muscles; she tended to just collapse onto the floor and was completely incapable of helping herself get up again.  She couldn’t sleep, eat, or work.  Specialists diagnosed a rare viral infection of the spinal plexus; a bunch of nerves emanating from the spine.  Even the strongest pain medication was of no help at all.  We were all desperate; she was increasingly wheelchair-bound, still in agony and there seemed to be no cure.

Enter another contact: a friend who had been making cannabis oil.  He had started making oil years before in an effort to cure his stage four cancer. (He’s been going for 23 years now, and is fit and healthy)  He gave us a tiny phial of dark, sticky oil.  My mom started taking the oil, and within days the pain began to ease, and slowly together with physio she healed.  Today, she can walk again, never falls down and is mainly pain-free.  We no longer use cannabis oil, but cannabis tincture, as it is good at pain control but it has no psychotropic side effects.

For myself, I have constant back/hip pain from an old dancing injury, but the tincture controls this very well, and I have been able to avoid surgery.


We have a lovely Labrador, Bella; one day we noticed she was having difficulty running and seemed stiff and uncomfortable.  With only superficial examination, the vet couldn’t identify any particular problem; we would have to have x-rays and scans done, which, quite honestly, we couldn’t afford.  If indeed there was spinal injury as we suspected, the cost of an operation would be prohibitive and long term success doubtful.

So I did my research and made dog biscuits with cannabis.  Another MIRACLE! Bella got so much better, and her lifelong friend Cloe, the other Labrador in the family, whom we knew had cancer, began to improve as well.  Previously Cloe was wetting her bed every night (as it often happens in old dogs).  The bed wetting improved immeasurably and the cancer lumps reduced.  Cloe has gone to doggy heaven now, but she had a much longer life due to the cannabis biscuits.

Much like in humans, dogs have what are called cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. These receptors reside in what scientists call the endocannabinoid system. Otherwise known as the EC system, it works to balance several of your dog’s bodily functions, including:

  • mood
  • appetite
  • memory
  • metabolism
  • sleep
  • pleasure
  • movement and coordination
  • immune system response

As a naturally occurring cannabinoid, CBD is molecularly comparable to your dog’s endocannabinoids. When CBD enters your dog’s bloodstream, it binds with cannabinoid receptors to help stimulate and support the EC system in bringing homeostasis (balance) back to any of the aforementioned functions if they’re out of balance.


Seeing how well dogs react has been a great motivator on my continuing journey.  The dog biscuits have helped so many beloved pets to a better quality of life.  Old dogs with arthritis, young dogs with ADHD, anxious dogs, the list goes on.  We sincerely hope to help more pets through this endeavour!!

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